Talus Magazine

Sharing the stories of the motions and emotions of climbers of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds


11 Weeks


Art Direction, Branding, Layout, Illustration, Research, Content Curation


Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Procreate


Solo Project



Talus magazine is a quarterly publication connecting people to the motions and emotions we all experience as climbers. We’re about getting you ready to find your stoke for the sharp end through training tips and tactics from stepping foot into local gyms to moving up striking rock formations around the world. Each one of us carries a story, and each one of us has the ability to empower one another through our experiences.

Issue No. 4

Protect & Share

Women, Men, Old, and Young, of all shapes, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds. This is the new foundation of our community. Focusing on inclusivity and access to the knowledge important to protect you and our crags.


Mood Board

The mood board helped me to create a consistent style and aesthetic across the project.



Talus will provide education and mentorship through storytelling, gym to crag organization promotion, crag conservation, and training tips which will also feature people of all shapes, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds. Inclusivity will help our community grow and thrive while education will enable us to be better stewards of the sport while enjoying all it has to offer.